How to Join Duke City Roller Derby

Prospective Skaters

Prospective skaters must be 18 years of age and be female-identified or gender expansive. No athletic or sports experience required. Under 18? Learn about our Junior Roller Derby Program, The Marionettes.

Read the New Skater Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Looking for opportunities other than skating? Learn more about Officiating or Coaching.

New to roller derby? Check out one of Duke City Roller Derby's Bootcamp sessions to begin our Fresh Meat Program. The Bootcamp usually occurs on a Saturday and Sunday. We will teach you the basics of skating to get your feet underneath you before you start practicing. After the weekend, you'll enter our Fresh Meat Program, where you'll learn everything you need to know about roller derby. Fresh Meat skaters practice two times per week for about 10 weeks before graduating into the league and getting drafted for a home team. 

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Not sure if you want to be a skater? Officials are an important part of the game! Learn more here.


Please send us an email! Please include your current league name and location, whether or not you've passed minimum skills, and the likely date of transfer. We will need a letter from your current league.