Munecas Muertas

Current Roster

Kell's Inferno #9 - Captain
Killer Queen #11
Midwife Crisis #9MO
Max the Arctic Blast #42

Meep Meep #80D
Death Ro #86
Carson B Demented #138
Swaaronmarie #FU2
Acute Pain #1010
Bampf! #10
Nikki Nail'er #120


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Duke City Roller Derby’s All-Star travel team, the Muñecas Muertas, formed in 2005. Their first bout took place in early 2006 against the Sin City Roller Girls. Later that year, the Muñecas participated in the first national roller derby tournament, the 2006 Dust Devil. In 2007, the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) split the nation's roller derby leagues into two regions, East and West, and the Dust Devil became a Western regional tournament. The Muñecas headed to Dust Devil for the second time, competing with the rest of the Western Region. While they did not win the tournament, other leagues and fans took notice of the scrappy team that was full of heart.
In 2008 the Muñecas attended the Western regional tournament, Battle Royale. They made roller derby history that year by upsetting the number one ranked team at the time, Kansas City Roller Warriors. They advanced to the national tournament in what felt like a real-life Cinderella story. At the Northwest Knockdown, the Muñecas fought hard in the first bout of the tournament against Gotham Girls Roller Derby, the current national champions. Unfortunately, but not easily, they were eliminated.

The Muñecas attended the 2008 Western Regionals, Derby On The Rocks, and they ranked 6th place in the tournament, narrowly missing 5th place, losing by only two points to the Bay Area Derby Girls. In 2011, the Muñecas joined the South Central Region of WFTDA. They took 2010 and 2011 to train hard with a cache of new players and transfer skaters, somewhat changing the face of Duke City Roller Derby. The training and restructuring paid off, and they were only two ranks away from the 2012 South Central Regional Competition. The Muñecas Muertas are hungrier than ever for the WFTDA Division playoffs in 2013. For a team that has faced the toughest of conditions, there is no holding back.



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